Dev Dungeon

Hacktoberfest 2020

4 minute read

In this crazy year that is 2020, I have made some time to participate in my second Hacktoberfest. This is a yearly event sponsored by Digital Ocean and DEV a...

Enable Copy on Select in Windows Terminal

less than 1 minute read

If you are coming from using any *nix terminal to Windows Terminal, there is probably one feature you are really missing. Copy on select, immediately copying...

How to Install Windows Terminal

1 minute read

Windows Terminal is a new terminal emulator developed by Microsoft for Windows 10. The current release is still in Preview but is quite stable. Let’s quickly...

How to Setup Windows Subsystem for Linux

2 minute read

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) provides you with a handy Bash shell running directly in Windows 10 without the need for a local virtual machine or a remot...

Coding My First WoW Addon

5 minute read

So you wanna make your own WoW addon? Let’s walk through the most basic steps to get you started!